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Monday, September 16, 2013

Hello, this interesting MS from one of my readers in the Philippines.   I love cooking and while not that good, well my pizza is and my apple pie is good,  but the rest I am not so sure about.

Anyway, this MS was issued to commemorate Teresita “Mama Sita” Reyes.  She is  well known for her extraordinary gift with food cooking, incorporating, even selecting ingredients that really make Filipino's favorite food taste even better. Her mother, Doña Engracia Reyes, is known as the “Mother of Filipino Cooking”. Through her parents, Mama Sita first learned that nothing could compare to the goodness of Filipino cooking. Her family ran the restaurant Aristocrat, which is why at an early age, her life already revolved around the world of food.

Why the Philippines issued a stamp for her I have no idea but I like the fact she was recognised.

OMG............  don’t tell me,  the Royal Mail will pick up on this and start issuing stamps for every bloody British chef….. there will be hundreds of stamps ..  wow a series of 12 issues with  10 stamps to an issue..  easy,  surely.   oh dear, I feel to blame for  having even suggested it. :-)

Enjoy your stamps…… and whatever you collect. Maybe a thematic collection on cooking. 

Best wishes….... Michael

PS and if you don't believe me read


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