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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Hello, Home from work and relaxing with some stamps   This is one of the covers I picked up at the Mong Kong stamp arcade this past weekend, and that I am giving away as a prize.

Of course, since this is one of 5 MSs that were issued for this event it would be too easy to ask which one this was, wouldn't it :-)  and since it is such a lovely cover with a nice value stamp I thought I really should make the quiz a little bit hard. So how about this.

I will select a winner from all entries received by late Friday this week my time (Hong Kong time) .. the winner will be the person who sends me, what is in my opinion, the best short article (500 words or there abouts) about Hong Kong stamps post the 1997 handover. All writings must be original and you must give me permission to republish on my blog. Seems fair?. Topic is yours entirely but it must include one at least stamp image to illustrate the writing. Just send to and include your mailing address. There will also be two runner up prizes. I'll decide what when I see what entries I get, but you know you wont be disappointed.

Enjoy your stamps

PS click image to see larger size.


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