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Saturday, July 13, 2013

pre printed stamps

Hi, many years ago I started keeping  all the mail I received from companies advertising their products and services. I have no idea why but I just did. This is one example. From a pre-printed envelope showing postage in Australia from Optus.  Now I am suspecting not many people bothered to keep these marketing letters, these spam letters as we might call them today.  So I have a few. Mostly Optus but a few others. And some 40 plus others that were corporate labels  not with "stamps" as such but impressions for postage.  Really nice collection if that is what you collect.

I am moving house and found these and rather than add the to the rubbish skip I thought I would tell you about them. Anyone collect such material?  If you do please write to me. I am not that wealthy that I can afford to send for free but if you pay my postage and handling costs they are yours. Awesome selection in my view   Write for more details to if interested.  Total lot is over a kilo in weight so postage will not be cheap   - at Australia rates but  I can mail cheaper from Hong Kong if you can wait - but  maybe some interesting envelopes for you?  Let me know.

PS  my reply may be slow as I fly to Hong Kong for work on Monday   First serious expression of interest will get these.. some 50+envelopes..many unopened as they are just marketing material

 Anyway  interesting collecting material I think.

Best wishes..  have a great philatelic weekend



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