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Saturday, July 27, 2013

Hello, sorting a few stamps today and came across this one. Why am I showing it you ask? Well it made me think of the past week in Hong Kong. Weird association maybe but it has been very wet here and the winds have been very strong.
 Hope you like it. It will be up in my Bidstart store when I get a chance.  Of course there are over 6700 other stamps listed so if you are looking to cheaply fill a gap in your collection please have a look at   Enjoy.

have a great weekend ... Michael

Oh, and if you are a dealer / part time seller please have a look at the IPDA new site at   We have updated the site and you can see very quickly the benefits of Membership.  The August Newsletter has just been issued I am the Editor in case you din't know. I will send a free copy if you email me at


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