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Sunday, April 28, 2013

Hello again,  finding time to write but having writers block these days.  Could be because I am focusing my attention on listing more stamps in my Bidstart Store. See previous writings for details. Am trying to get 4000 listings but people keep buying :-)     hahaha that is the good news.  Anyway, I sold this Miniature Sheet (MS)  today  but since I have another I will list it tonight.

This MS (SG MS 757)  was issued in 1980  to commemorate National Postal Week, and has different backgrounds to the individual (normal) stamps issued for the commemorative set. It has a hinge on the reverse but not touching the stamps which are VFU. Lovely copy.  See it listed here">here

I am trying to list 2 or 3 copies of each stamp, especially Australia and GB where I have the largest stock, so you have  a choice of what to buy, some people like nice used postal frankings to chose from.  Easy way to fill the gaps in your collection.  Most people cannot walk into a shop these days and look through dealer albums to fill the gaps in their collection. You can do that from home now with my Store ( and others no doubt) but I carefully select the quality (mostly VFU - Very Fine Used) and try to make sure there is a very accurate and meaningful description for you.

Back to sorting more GB. Am working on early QE II, MUH and VFU.

 Enjoy.. Best wishes ...Michael


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