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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Hello, well tonight this lovely MS from Australia Post. You just have to like it. Sadly it has the slightest of bends in the bottom left hand stamp.. that to the perfectionist in me for describing stamp quality, but as a collectible I expect with being pressed it will disappear in time.

Thanks to all of you who have been writing to me and saying how you like the quizzes. So to win this MS here are two questions. I say that because even when I try to make the questions hard you all seem to get them so easily.  So how about this, two part question 1) Which zoo boasts the largest collection of primates in any private zoo in Australia?  2) name one zoo in Australia that has successfully breed the rare Silvery Gibbon in captivity.   Probably very easy.

To make things more equal for you all I will chose the 5th correct entry as the winner. Well I think that is more equal as some readers see my blog while other are asleep due global time difference.   Just email me at with your mailing address please.   I always ask for mailing address as I do not keep your mailing addresses or use it for other purposes, as I guess you know by now.

Enjoy.. Best wishes.. Michael


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