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Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hello, On the subject of space fillers. Is there is a line that could be drawn, between space filler and downright damaged and maybe not worth the postage? I saw this listed on that great auction site and thought; well the seller has described it pretty well, as a space filler, but even if I was desperate why would I waste my money buying this? to start with I do not know from the listing if this is SG 98 (Cat 550 GBP) or SG 110 (Cat 275 GBP) because the watermark variety is not mentioned in the listing. The potential buyer is led to believe this is a SG 98 since it says 1865 in listing title. But that really is not enough in my view. Then I thought - and this is the reason for writing and telling you - why would I sell this. I really don't think it correct to be selling this even if it is described as a space filler. The reason I say this - you can pick up hundreds of damaged stamps in various sales outlets - ie auctions selling bulk - and start selling them as this. Is that ethical I ask myself? I don't think so. Just my view: but if you are selling this you are just clearing all your rubbish at the expense of the not so experienced collector. If you are the not so experienced collector, or your friend is, then ask them why they are wasting their money on this. Buyer beware even for a "as described - space filler" As a final comment, if you really want a copy of this stamp go to a recognised dealer and pick up an average used copy for US $35 instead of wasting US $21 on this rubbish. You will be happier and you will have a resalable copy. Your views? by all means disagree with me Best wishes ... Michael


At 1:37 AM, Blogger Comic Dayz said...

I'd only sell this, or buy it for that matter, as a cancellation example and that's it.


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