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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Hello, what do you think of this? I get into one of those moods when I see this sort of stamp listed and described as below that I just have to show you. "GB-1873 two and a half pence blue-SG. 142 -Cat. £40.00 Fine used" FINE USED!!!!!!!!! well yes the postal franking is nice but with crease and short perf and staining it is more like space filler if you risk having something like this in your album.... I say that because as I understand, and have read many times, put something like that in your album and possibly you will have that staining creep to other stamps if the temperature and air conditions are right...or should I say wrong. And the seller has a very good sales record, so please, moral of story, just because seller has 100% record, study the stamp to be sold and make your own assessment. I am tempted to write and ask for a scan of the reverse of the stamp. What do you think? Oh and the seller does not advertise they ae a member of the IDPA - Internet Philatelic Dealers Association - and I would hope they are not with this sort of item for sale. Thoughts?? Michael


At 1:41 AM, Blogger Comic Dayz said...

Only interesting due to the cancel. But having said that, The rust stains can be removed with a little work, which would make it worthwhile to the pauper collector like me :)


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