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Monday, September 12, 2011

Sometimes I just get so angry when I see what is listed on some auction sites - then again I see someone list a cover for example and accurately describe it. Like one I saw today. Described as a computer generated FDC. Now while I don't subscribe to this practice and in fact think it cheating in many ways, if it is at least described honestly then at least the buyer knows what they are getting. Like a fake Rolex or Tag or copy bag - all so common here in Hong Kong for example.

Now it is difficult to prove beyond a shadow of a doubt that some of the A380 FFC covers I see on that big auction site are, lets say, NOT computer generated, but when they are originally franked from say Ireland, or Liechtenstein, or some other place that has only ever seen an A380 from 39,000 feet you have to wonder, don't you, as to their authenticity as genuine flown First Flight Covers.

My covers are genuine. I fly on the inaugural flights. I carry the covers. I chat up the crew (best part of the trip I can assure you). I have my photograph taken with the crew and with the crew signing the covers. So today I listed another Korean Air FFC on eBay. Check it out at my username michaelatcddstamps. Then check the others :-) Enjoy looking if nothing else.

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