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Thursday, July 07, 2011

Hello, sorting some stamps I found this. Where were you in 1962, I suddenly thought to myself. Why I have these thoughts is beyond me but I do. Where was I? Starting my stamp collection in London is my only answer.

Now to the stamp. Seems common enough - it is a SG574 ?? Type I but which one? I am going to assume it is watermark 179 that is the SG 574 catalogue reference since the posting date is 1962. But which stamp is it? Unless I soak I don't think I can tell as there are a two varieties. It could be with watermark sideways, issued in 1960, unlikley? or a regular upright watermark, more likely I think, as these started to be issued in October 1961. Or have I missed one variety? Read more tomorrow and learn more :-) and what to look for before jumping to conclusions about basic looking stamps.

Best wishes .. Michael


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