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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Hello, hope you all are well. Once again a week has passed and I did not write, and now I am thinking what to write. I need to get a theme going again but hard to find one. So many other things happening these days. I was in Sydney again this past weekend and bought some more stamps back with me. To keep my amused during the evenings.. wish I had more time to keep myself amused :-) hahahah

Hope you enjoy seeing this imperf MS. I know one of you will :-)

Ok, my theme. My theme is going to be Round Robins. Once upon a time I did one from this blog.. well in a previous incarnation... and I thought I would do one again. I have done a few lately and to be honest not had much success - in so far as they never seem to come back to me. all the same, hopefully I do get some nice stamps out to people and someone gets some enjoyment. I continue to have faith that one day I'll get one back. So I thought I would offer to do a Round Robin to anyone that reads this blog. What is a RR you may be asking. Well, I send a selection of stamps. I think I'll do a world wide collection - you take what you want and put back same or more number of stamps that you took out. So if you take 25 you return 25. Simple. Only catch is you have to put in fine used.. that is very nice condition. No tears or thins or heavy franking, or short perfs or stains or rust or toning etc. Seems fair.. and some fun for us all maybe.

Maybe help us improve our collections? If youw ant to join send me an email to and after a week maybe I'll get one going if there is a few of us. Only cost to you is postage to the next person on the list.

Best wishes .. Michael


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