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Monday, February 21, 2011

Something different tonight that I found over the weekend in the parcel my dealer colleague gave me. I do not have my catalogue with me so cannot check but since this a circular "stamps", and from Tonga and has Airmail on it I thought I would show you anyway. Oh and yes it is in pretty bad condition. I would normally garbage this but I thought it was at least worth showing - hey I was checking Bidstart where my auction listing are and this is superb compared to what some people are listing. How do people get away with listing such damaged stamps and called them good used? I do not know, I just hope you don't buy some of the rubbish I see listed. More on that tomorrow maybe............ and if you do have a catalogue handy please look this up and email me details... I may even send it to you if you want a space filler. email of course and with mailing address please.

Oh and if you want quality please have a look at my auction lots on Bidstart - you can find me at michaelatcddstamps

Best wishes ............ Michael


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