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Friday, January 07, 2011

iPhone apps

Hello, just a short piece tonight. Do you use the iPhone? I recently got one (please don't tell my family hahahaha ) and was looking at the various apps one can download. Ok so I looked at "stamps" I see quite a few interesting ones but one did catch my eye because it was about stamp valuations. And I read that that if you have a Penny Black it is worth $10,000...I think it was dollars... wow I thought.. yet another, not that well informed, none philatelic person misleading us. So not only do we have people selling stamps who know little to nothing about the stamps they are selling but now we have app builders writing rubbish about stamp values.

It all makes the world go round, but if anyone wants to offer me huge sums for my Penny Blacks.. hey! please get in touch :-)

Have a great weekend .... Michael


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