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Friday, January 21, 2011

Hello again. Where did the week go? Just shot by didn't it. I was looking through an old FDC album I had lying around my study back in Sydney. Something I bought back to Hong Kong with me thinking I might sort and maybe try to sell on. I came across this cover. Like many in old albums - this cover was issued in 1972, it is nearly 40 years old afterall - it has some rust but hey the stamps are basically ok, and especially the bottom right hand corner one in the block of 6. This stamp is the one sideband phospher with a cat value used of £30.

The stamps in this issue were first printed in 1971 in photogravure by Harrison and Sons, the pottery first appeared in 1759. I have the cover for the first issue, 12 stamps, sadly too much rust to make it anything than just a sovenir now. And sadly I have no 1759 Wedgewood. And today of course there is no Wedgewood as I understand it from a guy I met at a New Years eves party last month. In January 2009 Wedgwood was placed into administration and it is now operating out of Asia in some foirm ot other I believe, but certainly not producing the quality of hand made pottery that was its trademark in the golden years of the business.

Oh, and one other thing, you can click the images I post to enlarge them. I thought I should mention that because for both this cover and the previous post you can see more clearly the details I am referring to in the text.

Have a great weekend, Michael


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