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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Lighthouses on stamps

Hello everyone. I have the feeling there have been many Lighthouse stamp issues these past few years. Seems that way to me. Anyway these were issued today by Hong Kong Post. Sorry scan is none too good but best I can do until I return to HK, as I do not have the proper S/W on this computer. Hope you like them.

The port of Hong Kong has always been key to business prosperity of the territory. It not only acts as a hub port of the South Asian Pacific region, but also an entrepot for the Mainland of China. Standing guard at the entrance of a harbour, a lighthouse serves as a navigation aid to mariners. A system of lenses at the top of the tower casts flashing light to guide incoming and outgoing vessels away from danger. This set of special stamps depicts five surviving pre-war lighthouses in Hong Kong. The stamps show a map and a compass in the upper half of the backdrop and the latitude and longitude coordinates at the bottom. The layout highlights the important role of lighthouses in Hong Kong's maritime history.

Happy New Year to everyone. ..Best wishes....Michael


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