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Friday, January 22, 2010

rounded corner or damaged corner?

Hello, I was looking at an auction site.. saw this.. described as "rounded" perf.. you decide but in my view it is a damaged corner and makes the stamp worthless.. Quality is so important in my view, Yes most of us cannot afford top quality for those more expensive stamps we need to fill a gap in our collection but be aware - a space fill is a space filler what ever it might say on the auction listing. Here is an enlarged view Yes it is rounded corner, but again, in my view it is rounded to such an extent I would not pay for it, there are many better copies of this stamps available if you keep looking.

Enjoy your stamps .. Best wishes.. Michael


At 8:23 PM, Anonymous Charlie said...

I am surprised the seller did not take sissors and trim all four corners so they all look rounded and then claim it is a previously unrecorded variety.

At 12:37 AM, Blogger cddstamps said...

brilliant idea.. a well centered stamp!!!!


Thanks.. Michael


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