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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

free stamps

Of all the sorting of stamps I have done during the past week I have found various blocks.. US, GB and others. Doubt I can sell them so if anyone wants a surprise I will send to you. First email.. I just want to clear some space..
If you want to donate my postage all the better.. send me a letter with a few dollar bills or some paper currency, or put a buck or two or equivalent into paypal for me.. when you get what I send .... I leave it up to your kindness

Here is a sample

email me at and include your mailing address.. no mailing address no stamps.. sorry I do not have time to search my emails for addresses if I know you and anyway I always wonder.. has the person moved homes / apartments etc?

and sorry :-) but one final reminder about my auction lots. At Stampwants or try this direct link Michael on Stampwants Or this eBay link Michael on eBay
User id at both auction sites is michaelatcddstamps
Enjoy your stamps …… Michael


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