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Thursday, January 21, 2010

rare stamps Part III

Hello, sorry not written for a while.. doesn't time fly when you are busy... Hope you like this stamps.. beautiful in my view

The design was created by Joseph Barnard (1816-1865), whose initials are engraved on the neck of the queen on Post Office Mauritius Stamps. A copper plate of 3.25 inches by 2.5 inches was used to engrave the design. 240 pieces of this stamp was sold before it was realized that words on the stamp should be "Post Paid" and not "Post Office". Look carefully and you will see this error.

There are only 26 known copies of the Post Office Mauritius Stamps that have survived to this day. One Penny: 12 cancelled, 2 mint. Two Penny (the blue stamp shown above): 6 cancelled, 6 mint. They are mostly in the hands of private collectors, but are on display at the British Museum in London and the Blue Penny Museum in Mauritius.

Mauritius was the 5th British colony (and country) to issue postage stamps.

Most of the stamps were sent out in some ball invitation letters sent out by Mauritius' governer's wife (Lady Gomm)

Wish I had one, the approximate value is said to be about £1 million, nice retirement fund eh!!

Enjoy your stamps.. best wishes .... Michael


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