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Monday, January 25, 2010

Burns Night

Hello, yes it is 25th January here (although not yet in Scotland as I write) but how could I not forget it is Burns Night.

I have shown some stamps commemorating this in previous years and see no reason why tonight should be any different :-) (you may recall Burns was commemorated last year - being the 250 anniversary of his birth - by Royal Mail, and also in 1966 and 1996)

Burns Night is celebrated every year on January 25, the birthday of the 18th century Scottish poet Robert Burns. Burns Night 2010 is the 251st anniversary of the poet's birth.

Burns Night is typically celebrated with poetry recitation (including the famous Address to a Haggis), bagpipe music (including the piping in of the haggis), singing, traditional ceilidh dancing, whisky drinking, and a dinner featuring none other than haggis - a delight if you have never tasted it.. so my father told me!!. Personally I favour more of the whisky drinking than the ceilidh dancing, although the later is easier to do after the second bottle of whisky!!!!
OK the stamps.. so what are the stamps you saw at the beginning? :-) Look forward to hearing from you :-)

Have a great Burns Night.. Michael


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