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Friday, November 06, 2009

Children's Corner... update

Hello, today I soaked a few more stamps - with ease I might add :-) These are two I noticed that I thought you might enjoy seeing. These are included in my Children's Corner box now, along with hundreds more of equal quality.

A few reasons for showing. Obvious one is they are rather attractive don't you think. Also they have a clear postmark. How good to see such postally used in this condition. I have sorted and soaked over 1000 stamps recently and many from my wonderful friend in Germany and all used with good postal frankings. Also to let you know that my first sending of free stamps from the new collection.... all donated by many of you..... has gone out today. Thank you to everyone who donated stamps.. Germany, Canada, UK, Australia, USA, Hong Kong.. oops, who have I forgotten :-) sorry

Anyway, Thanks everyone.... there will be a lot of happy children collectors in the days and weeks ahead.

If you know children who would like some free stamps.. just get them to write to me - real mail only please... to Michael, cddstamps, PO Box 3482, Dural, NSW 2158, Australia.

have a great weekend, ... Michael


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