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Sunday, August 09, 2009

John Dryden

His birthday today.. well back in 1631... really accomplished gentleman from what little I know, yet have I ever seens stamps commemorating him... not that I can recall.

something from a web site I was reading .. English poet and critic. He was a member of the "Royal Society" Born in 1631 he lived from 1657 in London. He read principally Descartes and Hobbes. With his comedies he is regarded as a founder of the "Comedy of Manners". With the satire Absalom and Achitophel" (1681) he opposed Shaftesbury in biblical disguise. Through his poetic innovations and witty essays he was instrumental in the evolution of English prose. He is regarded as one of the main representatives of English classicism, in whose work all artistic trends of the time are reflected.

for more, and I find this interesting, read

Sorry no stamps... anyone know of any stamps commemorating him.

have a great week.. Hope to get emails from you .. ...Michael


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