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Thursday, April 09, 2009

Denmark and IYA 2009

It has been interesting for me to read so many blogs and web sites as I researched this IYA 2009 theme. There are so many good sites out there. Not going to tell you about them.. hee hee, you may not read me .. no seriously, isn't it wonderful what the web has done for stamp collecting. So much information at our finger tips now. As some of you know, when I first started a web site and a blog there were less than a handful of writers and sites. So how rewarding to see the depth and knowledge that is now available to us all.

Tonights stamps. Pretty boring design in my humble view, especially after seeing the first few I have shown on the IYA theme. Your thoughts? Do write to me at

Enjoy your stamps.. tomorrow and for the next few days.. chocolate on stamps.. after all it is Easter :-)



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