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Sunday, November 02, 2008

weekend in the apartment so time to write.....

Hello, well to start with I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. Weather here has been brilliant. Cool but sunny as we are well into autumn now.

Second a big thank you to those who completed my survey. I found time to have a look at the results so far. I’ll share a few of the more common responses. If you have not had a look at the survey here it is again. Click Here to take survey

Overall results: More than 50% are collecting world stamps; there was a mixed response to how you collect but a good % do buy from auctions although I noted that circuit books were still used. What motivates you to buy? This had a mixed response but it seems there are more than I expected who just randomly browse looking for good deals. Paypal got a positive overall as being easy and convenient. There was a mixed response to what I have to do (or other sellers I take it to mean as well) to attract you to buy, obvious response was good price and making sure postage costs don’t make the purchase of the stamp(s) uneconomical. And finally it was good to see that the majority of respondents thought that it was “very important” that the sellers had some philatelic association pedigree shat I say.

Ok. What next. Well I have listened and re listed all my lots, and more, that did not sell from my last auction listings. I don’t want to be too philanthropic you understand but I do want all the material to go somewhere and at least cover my costs and give you the collector something extra in your collection. So I have said no postage on any lot sold for over USD $5, and no postage on any 4 lots purchased irrespective of price of the total, and postage for any lot sold under USD $5 is only $2.00. I just listed 53 lots on stampwants All GB, from GV, GVI mix, to Wilding definitives, Wilding High values, QE II MUH by years from 1970 to 1979 I think, and Presentation Packs from 1970 to 1980. Lots to see and most starting at USD $0.99 search my user id of michaelatcddstamps

From my previous listings I wrote this on the subject of postage … “Value - I realize postage for single items can be a deterrent to bid but for example, if you just bought one lot at USD $0.99 plus postage, to equal $3.49, (my postage was US $2.50) and catalogue value was ₤6.00, the lot would still be only 35% of catalogue.

If you bought 4 items, each with catalogue value of ₤6.00 you would be getting the items at about 9% catalogue” ……. so people, I am now making the price even cheaper. Sadly I cannot afford to be 100% philanthropic, or at least not until I win that big lottery :-) And don’t forget I do have to pay Paypal costs and postage and packing. And I use stamps on the mailings. Sounds obvious, but not all sellers do.

Too much writing and nothing on stamps. So just to let you know, if you didn’t, that Gibraltar has started to sell CTO 'Theme' Packs. A cancelled to order (CTO) postage stamp is one that has had its cancellation applied by the issuing postal administration before being sold to stamp collectors or dealers. Now it is only my view I must say but I wouldn’t waste my money on CTO. Mint yes (hey you can always use for postage, and used, well they are collectable and salable as well, one hopes. But CTO. Sorry people. Waste of money. But then if that is what you collect and the themes are what you collect, have a look. They have CTO Packs on the following themes 'Views of Gibraltar'; 'HM Queen Elizabeth II'; 'Football' (2 packs); 'The British Royal Family' and 'Animals in Gibraltar'. Each pack costs £5.50.

And finally, it might be to your advantage if you have read this far and are the person who responded to my survey “ they were a new collector , collects from donations” drop me an email at and I’ll get a few world mixed in the mail to help you along with your collection.

Best wishes……… Enjoy your stamps

PS the reason the web site cddstamps is still dated July is because I cannot access to update it. Lots for sale are still available though.


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