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Saturday, November 22, 2008

still on the ground...!!!

Hello, not had time to write until now. Just thought I'd add a twist to my latest competition.. yes you still have time to enter.. read previous postings.. but basically it is. tell me... How many hours will I spend on planes between now (that was a few weeks ago I think... you will have to read the previous posts) and 5th December? email me at

Well my plans have changed a bit but that shouldn't worry you.. am on the ground at the moment, in the Malaysia Airlines business class lounge in Sydney. Which sounds ok except for the fact three hours ago I left Sydney on a flight to KL, yes you guessed it on MAS. less than an hour out of Sydney we turned back. So add another 90 minutes flying to your new guess hee hee.. if you are going to guess and enter my competitrion.

back to stamps next weekend I am sure. I'll be in Seoul then.

Best wishes .. anyone got any good stamp news to send me that I can share with others.
.......... Michael


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