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Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just a simple Christmas issue

I was sorting some GB Christmas issues for a reader in the US today. I don't have much here with me in Seoul but from all I have been soaking in recent months I found a few. Well lets face it in any kiloware you are likely to get plenty of Christmas issues, but the higher value ones, will you get those.

I've written on this before. Don't waste money buying mint new issues. My guess is 99% of the time the best value for the stamp will be to use it on a letter. Modern used in good condition seem to have a good cat value.

Take this simple 68p issue from the 2005 Royal Mail issue. Quite a controversial issue at the time I recall. Catalgue is ₤2.20 as shown in the SG GB Concise for 2007. How many copies do you have?

The ₤1.12 value is catalogue at ₤3.60. Awesome

Anyone know the 2008 catalogue price?
I'd be interested to hear.

Same holds true for general commemoratives, I see from a quick scan of the catalogue.

So moral of this - collect fine used. Well that is my view. And while I have given up collecting GB current issues, generally - I do make the odd exception and I only get them used. As for the empty spaces in my albums now... I'll try buying kiloware and hope I can find some of the higer values in time. Any thoughts??? write me at

Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes ......Michael


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