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Thursday, June 19, 2008

a stamp tonight..... Hope you like this one.. I was sorting some tonight and this one caught my eye. You cannot see it in the scan I suspect but the phosphor band is very off center. I have another copy to compare it with. Probably no big deal but makes lifes interesting - ok get a life I hear you say. :-) Alos I am reading the new Phillippa Gregory book - The Other Queen - about Mary ( Queens of Scots) and of course Elizabeth I. Rather good I think.

Now, are you asking the link between the stamp and the book.. Since I have soaked and sorted so many GB Commemoratives I'll send 50 as a prize to first correct answer :-) if you include your mailing address with email to me at

Finally I am spending the weekend in Manila and hope to get some Philippine stamps while there so I won't be writing until Monday night. Have a great weekend wherever you are.

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael
PS: what Henry saw in her I have no idea :-) I guess you had to be there


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