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Sunday, January 27, 2008

spoilt for choice...

Hello everyone. I finally made it to my PO Box yesterday, oh dear.. all those stamps I had neglected to pick up sooner. I got the GB James Bond issue - I am not all that impressed with the stamps to be honest. The publicity material does not reflect the fact that are actually small, long strips, so I am not showing them. I also got a set of last years GB Birds issue. Not too bad but they don't show as well as the publicity material, in my view.

This was one of the covers I received from another collector in the US. Lovely, and interetesting if you have an interest in flight covers and aviation. Well I'll tell you anyway!!! Northwest really did do some pioneering work to build the US Japan and Orient routes, they were a big contributor to helping Japan Airlines get established, and along with Pan Am (remember them) they were granted what are called 5th Freedom Traffic rights, that is, the rights to pickup and fly passengers from Japan and beyond. There is one other reason why I think this cover is special, and that is because it was for a route opened up with the Boeing 377 StratoCruiser. Something special about that aircraft that we tend to have forgotten, and that is, it was a double decker aircraft. Not in the way we see the A380 but it did have two decks, which back in the late 1940's was pretty impressive I think.

I'll be sorting some stamps today. Will see what surprises I can find for tomorrow. Best wishes.... Enjoy your stanmps ... Michael


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