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Friday, November 09, 2007

the power is within us all.......

not sure if these words resonate with anyone but they just came from my fingers as I sat to type.. because of these stamps which were on a letter I received today. Thanks Carol.. real nice and the stamps for the children's corner.. which will get mailed back out again in a few days as I have a few unanswered letters for some children at the moment,

Anyway, that aside, I do like this stamp of Yoda ( and wasn't I lucky with the postal franking) . Some stamps bore me, some I think are just without class and some are just downright gawdy. see GB new issues and Australia new issues in general ... but this Yoda stamp has some class in my view.

It could have been awful ........and when I heard US post was doing one I dreaded what they would do to it, But, and as I say, in my view, I like what they have done. well done USPS.

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael

PS and not a mention of that aircraft !!!!!!!!!!!!


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