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Sunday, November 11, 2007


I wrote about Cinderellas and a number of people have emailed me asking what they are.

Ok here it is in very simple terms

Cinderellas - stamps and related material of a non-postal nature - e.g. charity stamps, poster stamps, etc.

Another description I read says -- Stamp-like label that is not a postage stamp. Cinderellas include a wide variety of stamp-like labels, seals and bogus issues.

And if you look at the glossary in Linns you will read this

Cinderella: A stamp like label that is not a postage stamp. Cinderellas include seals and bogus issues, as well as revenue stamps, local post issues and other similar items.

So the key words are “stamp like label” and “non postal nature”. I think the use of the “bogus” only applies if the item is not correctly described as a Cinderella.

If you have a design idea for a stamp like label and create it on your computer and then print a block of them, say with no perforations making them imperf you have created a Cinderella. If you can do perfs as well – you can buy scissors to do this – you have created a perforated Cinderella.

Some weeks back I wrote about the Stamps from the Isle of Eigg. I mention these because these were local stamps. And there is a difference. “Locals”… these are non-official postal services such as college stamps, local delivery and parcel services, private authorised or non-authorised services, etc; Locals are Stamps valid within a limited area or within a limited postal system. Local post mail requires the addition of nationally or internationally valid stamps for further service. Locals have been produced both privately and officially. (again from Linns)

“Locals” are not something you just dreamed up and printed off your computer.

I hope this is useful. Enjoy your collecting, be it stamps, FDCs, local stamps or just Cinderellas



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