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Saturday, October 06, 2007

stamp trivia..................

I am out of town this weekend and with no access to a scanner… so thought I would write about stamp collecting.. in particular, how many of you really know what the meaning of stamp collecting is.. ?? The collecting and study of postage stamps and related items is known as philately, yes we all know that … but what about the Greek derivation of the word… in fact a coined Greek word meaning, literally, "love of what is free of further tax"

Well that is what I have read…... does anyone have a different view? Send me an email.. best, most entertaining, most original maybe… entry.. my decision is final ….will get a free cover… could be something quite special.. if I get my act together.. or just a plain old GB FDC :-)

And some more trivia for you.. how about this… Since the United States Post Office issued its first stamp in 1847, over 4,000 stamps have been issued (up to about today more or less !!!! and with over 800 people featured. Many of these people (especially the earlier Presidents) have been featured on multiple stamps……... "featured" may mean because there is a likeness of a person, the name of a person is used, or the person is documented by the USPS as being the subject of a stamp.

So a second quiz question I just thought of….a famous American.. Liberace.. is he featured on a US stamp? First correct answer will get a cover of some sorts. Assuming you agree with me and my limited knowledge of US people featured on US stamps. :-)
Enjoy your weekend, enjoy your stamps.. best wishes.. Michael


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