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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Harry Potter...........

Hello.. if you are in the UK and you have loads of money I guess you bought this set..

... if you are a millionaire and collected stamps.. although that is an that the right word.. you certainly would not have bought all the GB issues of the Harry Potter stamps... would you ... read Ian's site at for details.. cost a fortune to collect even half of what Royal Mail are issuing.. let alone all the postmarks... talk about scary.. even Harry would be frightened... but not the Royal Mail.. I read they had orders for over 300,000 issues from collectors.. not sure of any more details but I think we can assume it was not just a commemorative basic set...... wow what a revenue stream...

anyway,.. since many of you are no doubt waiting for the book.. and I have to be honest here and say I have not read one of them..... I have this gene that prohibits me from following popular culture.. shucks !!! GB commemoartive issues for profit .. ha ha ha ha.... anyway since many of you are no doubt waiting for the book I hope you get a better return from reading it than from buying the stamps ............ did I say stamps.. sorry... I meant childrens stickers....

enjoy your stamps..Michael


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