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Wednesday, May 30, 2007

my PO BoX

I went to the PO Box today.. oh dear am I a long way behind answering emails... well I am even further behind with my mail.. my own fault of course.. such bad time management ..or am I enjoying life too much. I don't have any stamps scanned to show tonight.. just been reading about the 40th Anniversary Machin issue on June 5th.. now there are some stamps and stamp presentation packs and formats to commemorate that.. if you want lots of details read Roy Simpson's blog MachinMania.. brilliant by the way.. not him of course .. ha ha .. but his blog.. he is better than brilliant I have to add

Apparently Arnold Machin's son has been interviewed about his fathers life and legacy............ not sure if I am going to be sarcastic and say, so what.. or polite and say how jolly good!!! but see for yourself.. in or somewhere around there.. ...must be honest and say I have not looked.. and probably won't.. Lets keep to the stamps eh??

and competitions.. will do some answers tomorrow.. and wow some of you know so many countries starting with Z.. and I thought I was smart .. but first two emails I read beat me.. well done....

Best wishes. keep spreading the word and enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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