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Friday, February 09, 2007

my Penny Black

Hello, well I was the winning bidder for this stamp.. and I am quite pleased with that. After all, how often does one see this stamp with one's initials. MD for Michael Dodd. Ok a bit self indulgent and even sentimental, but hey... it amuses me. I'll have it framed I think.. what do you think I should do with it?

Quite good used condition as well I thought. Now for some thoughts about the Penny Black.. while we all know it was the first postage stamp, how much do we really know about it I wonder.

For example, 1) who was William Wyon? 2) Who were Perkins, Bacon and Petch? 3) who was Henry Coubould? 4) who were Charles Heath and his son Fredrick? and finally, ok this is easy.. 5) how many stamps were there in a sheet of Penny Blacks?

Five questions but surely, to enjoy stamps is also to understand the people involved in the beginning of this wonderful hobby.
I will give 5 GB FDCs to the first two correct answers.... all 5 questions must be answered email me at
Enjoy, your weekend, enjoy your stamps... best wishes.. Michael


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