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Sunday, January 21, 2007

summertime.. and the living is.....

Gerswin never had it this hot did he??? His music was hot I'll give you that.. but as for temperature.. wow.. our weather site says 39 C today.. I'll tell you it feels hotter than that.. and while I really enjoy the heat I also enjoy a nice cool air conditioned home in which to study my stamps.. not so today as air con is broken.. had to make do sorting used stamps.. what a tough life.. there is a tip for you.. don't work with mint stamps in the heat.. perspiration from your fingers will damage the gum.. and even if you think you are only using the best of twezzers.. beware.. sooner or later you will touch the stamps.. not good for the stamps.. trust me..

driving home tonight from a little excursion I passed a local playing field.. full of helicopters.. actually USA waterbomb helicopters... well they are good to us.. our dear friends from the US.. the helicopters are needed I might add because there are rather large bush fires across our freeway heading north.. the smell of the smoke is not too bad where I am.. a few km away.. but if the wind changes.. ooohhh... will be rather unpleasant...

ok ok some stamps.. I thought I'd show you these tonight..GB 1994..issued as part of a series I believe to commemorate the four seasons... no not the band.. stay with me people,.. the Spring, Summer, Autumn, Winter seasons..

Quite nice issue I think.. only thing is, in the UK they don't really know what a summer is .. do they ?? ha ha ha ha ... well look at the stamps.. are these folk enjoying their activities in 40c temperatures... I think not...........

Time for some dinner... not that one feels like eating in the heat.. a nice Reisling maybe...

Wherever you are, with snow, rain or sun.. enjoy your stamps and remember to work with them considering the temperature and ambient conditions.

Best wishes.. from a very hot Sydney.. Michael


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