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Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Battle of Britain cover

Hello, and many thanks for all your emails about last nights Gibralter cover.. a few got the aircraft type wrong I have to say,.. but don't worry.. it was a difficult question... the aircraft on the stamp is a Boeing 737. well done Jane from Canada for the first correct answer...... will mail you something in a few days.

what about this cover.. I like this.. not only for the cover but also for the stamp.

I got this from Buckingham Covers. I have written about them before.. have a look at my web site for the links to them and more information, or just go to .... pretty good site if you ask me.

This stamp was issued only in a miniature sheet along with 5 1st class machins. So the stamp is not that common and to get it on its own on a cover probably makes it more less common.

A nice addition to my collection not only for the stamp but also because it has an aircraft related theme and was carried in a Lancaster by the Battle of Britain Memorial Flight in the Poppy Tribute fly past on July 10th 2005.

cool eh!!!!!!!!!!!!! well I like it :-)

Enjoy your stamps.. anyone got the Beatles stamps, issued by the Royal Mail.. used?? do send me a scan.. or you will have to wait until I get mine..

Best wishes.. Michael


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