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Monday, January 22, 2007

stamps are safe.......... :-)

of course they are and so am I.. fire is not to far away - a few kilometeres and wind is blowing in the right direction.. away from me.. not enough time for stamp thoughts tonight but thought I might share this picture I took last night.. not that good.. but considering on a normal evening this view across the bush is just one black void - it is very dark out here, there being no lights from residential neighbourhood etc.. (unless there is a moon of course - but I dont go out at night when there is a moon.. just in case the werewolves get me

anyway this was quite spectacular scary too I might add. This is the tree line and the fire is roaring way up into the sky.

PS I dont know what the yellowish squiggle is, probably a jinormous man eating bat flying by.. another reason not to go out at night .. Back to stamps tomorrow.. .. Michael


At 5:39 AM, Blogger Adrian said...

Brr, that really is scary, so close! Hope the wind stays in the right direction for you!
Maybe you want some of our rain?! (although it's dry and sunny now, but cold, so cold!)

Take care!


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