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Saturday, December 09, 2006

.. stamps from which country.. ????

Hello everyone.. yes I have been away again.. had hoped to write from my hotel room but the internet connection was 28.8..... so was taking 3 minutes to load a page.. I gave up and went for a drink instead.. well why waste value drinking time I said to myself

So to stamps.. and I am going to try and incorporate all my ideas of the past few days into one writing tonight..

first.. amazing time in history.. in the hear 2304 who was born.. yes you have to be a star trek fan to know this one..

second, who was born in the year 1608.. and a brilliant writer I might add.. wrote something very well known.. Paradise Lost.. I only thought of him because I lost my paradise this week. I was in Melbourne and got pick pocketed.. and lost all my credit cards, drivers licence, office security card and fly buys card.. ( big loss that one ha ha) ...well credit cards are paradise aren't they oh, and the key to my hotel.. I was a bit upset.. to tell you the truth.. .. but I lost nothing really as all cards were quickly cancelled.. the hotel gave me a new key and I slept well.. on the free bottle of wine they gave me to help me relax.. the good news is I cannot spend any money.. well nearly cannot spend any money .. ok you are wondering where this is going arn't you.. well I found this lovely FDC on a web site and wanted to buy it.. no credit card though.. so pick pocketed my wifes visa card.. put it back of course before she knew.. and managed to buy the FDC.. got two .. may give one away in due course.. but you have to tell me from which country did I buy the cover.. and you have to correctly answer the two earlier questions.. send answers to will keep this open for a week or two... will select a correct answer at random from those that enter OK

OK, so you want a clue for the country I bought the cover from I will make it easy for you.. I'll show you some stamps from that country.. here they are..... dont't like them myself.. too plain.. don't you think.....

I look forward to hearing from you.. and also.. I send apology for any unanswered emails.. Am a bit behind on my email..

Have a great weekend.. enjoy your stamps.. best wishes.. Michael ....


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