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Saturday, November 18, 2006

Hello everyone.. sorry for no blog these past few days.. time just seems to fly by..

I have been so busy.. won't bore you will all the details.. but I am exhausted is enough for you to know ....been good though.. although no time for stamps.. Hope you like the pictures I have for you tonight.. first some stamps........

I received these on a letter
nice me thinks.. notice they have no perforations.. I would normally add these to my Childrens Corner box but thought I'd give them away.. first email telling me the three creatures.... email me at Interesting postmarking..... note the Canada postmark and the Australian lettering at the top SWLF.... not often this clean I should add.

Also to let you know I have a few of my special offers still for sale.. they are going slowly.. which surprises me.. oh well.. please have a look at ....... get a packet for Christmas and give to a friend.. I always include good quality and some extras.. sorry for sales pitch but all extra funds helps ne with my Christmas card mailings... I wrote about a few special only available on the blog.. a few weeks ago.. two packets left... steal at US $5.. email me or read the old postings.

I said I'd tell you of a really interesting web site didn't I.. have a look at I think you will enjoy this one...

So what else have I been up to.. well... glad you asked... riding is the answer,, am working a young horse.. won't bore you with picture of me hee hee but hope you like the horse..
hey, a good friend took the picture and topped me !!!!!!!!! probably best eh!!!!!!

Enjoy your stamps and everything else you are interested in.... Michael


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