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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hello, how is everyone... I am exhausted.. been watching a guy level 60 tonnes of dirt ( aka topsoil) on my place ,, he had a machine and I am still tired ha ha ..

Stamps though.. so much I could write about again.. found these.. I dont know if a complete set but quite nice I thought...

Will give them to 5th email.. if you include your mailing address- Have not checked any cat value so hope I am not giving away something too extra special.
What about the halloween chat the IPDA is hosting..... have I mentioned this before? .. I forget.. this coming Saturday.. details on IPDA website or go to the IPDA blog..... and see some details and just click the chat link to go straight to the chat room... how easy.. book mark these sites.. always worth looking at. And if you buy.. do you buy from someone who is an IPDA member? do you ask them I wonder?.. you should

Finally.. I still have some special offers left.. have not put them on auction..... yet... too busy to be honest.. so get in quick.. see previous writing for these.... you basically are only paying postage.. check it out on my website as well

Unashamed promos but have to pay for my Christmas mailings somehow.. ..

ok.. that is enough.. I have bored myself. . oh.. I am still waiting for some Christmas issues from your countries.. maybe the stamps not issued yet.. but surely some pictures of the releases.. I have not had time to check other countries myself.. but am looking forward to seeing them

Enjoy your stamps... Michael


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