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Sunday, August 13, 2006

Hello, I have not been around for a few days. Went up to the Hunter on Friday evening; wonderful dinner, great company and some lovely wines. Then Saturday morning a private tour of three excellent winneries, more excellent wine. Treated to lunch .. more wine, then fell asleep having a massage, then out to dinner again and guess what.. yes more excellent wines. Fortunately I was not driving. Did talk stamps to a few people but apart from that have done nothing with stamps this weekend.

Yes I do plan to show some stamps with Scott numbers soon. This week I hope. I need to find something interesting to show and talk about.

Hope you enjoy these. I am not very knowledgeable about Machins and one day I hope to make the time to study them in more detail. I find them interesting because there is so much one can collect. Booklet panes, or the booklets themselves. Here is an example of how one needs to have the two panes; one showing the stamps se-tenant with the 1d stamp on the left, the other with the 1d stamp on the right, if you are to have a complete collection.

Someone can probably tell me how these came to be. I have seen this on quite a few booklet issues.

These stamps are from a 2/- booklet issued on April 6th 1968, all are PCV gummed with two phosphor bands. The stamps are on Chalk surfaced paper and have no watermark. SG reference is 724 l

Does anyone collect GB Booklet panes, or have some they want to trade for some Australia or other GB, drop me a line at

There are some panes that are worth a few bob; this pane if it had Phosphor omitted for exampe is catalogued at £75. If you have some and want to know if you have a possible financial windfall send me a scan or the details of what you have. I would be pleased to try to help you identify the stamps.

Hope you weekend was as good as mine. Enjoy your stamps.. Best wishes... Michael


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Hi Phentermine.. thanks for reading the blog.. thank you for comment.. hope you read my other blog.. alternative stamp blog


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