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Thursday, August 10, 2006

Hello, How are you all.

Tonight I have some 6 topics in mind.. ok so you disapprove of so much.. so how about I keep to just two

First this issue from Japan.. hard to believe it is from there.. not my stamps I have to add but taken from a magazine picture.. although if anyone wants to send me a sheet I will gladly pay or trade.. lovely looking "stamps"

Second topic is revenue stamps. I dont have any to hand.. I sold some many months ago and many issues seem to be very collectable. Not in my collection but then I read about them at this is an interesting site I thought and one I would share with you.

Finally I will be away for the next three days, sampling some winneries in the Hunter and a other sabaritic activities. Well someone has to do these things don't they will take laptop but may not be allowed to connect so dont think the worst, just try me again on Monay.

Enjoy your stamps.. have a great weekend wherever you are.. Michael


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