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Monday, August 07, 2006

Great Britain Downey Head SG 341 N11e

Hello, Great Britain George V again. Hope you enjoy these.

A control strip of three with the left hand stamp ( known as R20/10) having a good coloured blot on the One. See larger scan of the variety. And for the purists this was from plate 5b.

This stamp is from a 1912 issue with the Crown Watermark and what is known as Die 2. Can explain that another time if anyone is interested. But what date in 1912 was this stamp issued Anyone know Rather odd day for stamps to be issued I thought.

I am sure I can find a nice GB FDC for someone who sends me the right answer answers to and with your mailing address please.

Tomorrow I am going to be talking Scott numbers and not SG. Seems I am disadvantaging my fellow collectors in the US by always referring to SG. Sorry folks.. but that is the difference between English and American ha ha ha ha

Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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