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Friday, June 02, 2006

something special this day - June 2nd - in history

Hello everyone.. first a big thank you for all entries yesterday to the Paddington Bear question.. lots of entries and I will put names in a hat and get one of the children to draw a winner..

What about this list below, what is missing in terms of significant events on this day ... .. I am looking for you to tell me the set of stamps that were issued on this day, June 2nd, many years ago to commemorate a rather special occassion.. there has not been such an occassion since I might add.. am trying not to make it too obvious of course, but still I think I have made it too easy will find something collectable for the winner.. lets try 3rd entry this time.... ok,, oh and there is a theme in the listing of events that might give you a clue

1627 British King Charles I granted a charter of incorporation to the Guiana Company.
1627 The Duke of Buckingham sailed from Portsmouth with a fleet to aid the Huguenots in the defence of La Rochelle.
1793 The final overthrow of Girondins and arrest of Jacques Brissot began the Reign of Terror in the French Revolution.
1949 Transjordan was renamed the Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan

You will be so surprised if you dont get this .. ok something British.. now that is far too easy, so I expects hundreds of emails

Looking forward to hearing from you all..... Enjoy your stamps.. Michael


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