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Sunday, June 11, 2006

Hello, what new stamps have you seen this past week? All I ever seem to read about in the stamp magazines are new issues. So many, and where do people find the money to buy them I wonder. I have recently cancelled my Isle of Man and Guernsey and Alderney accounts. I cancelled my GB new issues some years ago. All too much for me to be honest. I only collect used copies now of GB commemoratives and mint Machins.

What do you collect? and are you finding countries are issuing more for the collector dollar (or whatever currency you have) rather than the postal needs of the country?

I have read about the new GB issue – some issue – for the world cup. While the issue starts off with 6 stamps - not too bad and featured by me some weeks ago - it goes on to include a “generic sheet” which costs £6.95 for 20 stamps with pictures (in the form of “stamps” ) called stills of the “finest hour”. Pictures that is, from the 1966 world cup. Which you may know England won. Are we still gloating and celebrating 40 years later. hee hee.. well they did win their opening game in this years world cup I am reliably (by my son) informed…………… Why it is the finest hour I don’t know since the pictures span the time from the opening of the gates at the stadium until the time England saluted the crowd with the cup.. but then does anyone know why the Royal Mail does anything these days… except to raise revenue. A business objective I understand, but surely they are going to kill the goose that laid the golden egg sooner or later.

Take the Washington World Philatelic Exhibition issue from the Royal Mail. To commemorate this event Royal Mail has issued a sheet of 20 stamps – 20 of the Hello stamps…. namely SG 2262, issued March 2002. attached to an “iconic image” ( Royal mail wording ) …. of a United States mailbox.

Please someone tell me I am wrong about this.. a boring Hello stamp and a picture of a mail box.. 20 times over.. and this is stamp collecting.. I don’t think so.. this is not philately.. this is wallpaper slogan collecting.. which if that is what you are into good for you… and good also for the Royal Mail as no doubt none of these piece of paper will be used for postal mailing… and will have no value in years to come… :-) I know someone will tell me of the exception to this .. please do and I will publish it. ;-)

Anyway.. I feel like I am on a roll here J Do you collect these Generic Smilers sheets.. I cannot afford to.. how can you ? And why do you.. please enlighten me.. what am I missing..

Finally. in answer to a question on my favourite stamp club board .. “what do you think of the Washington Smilers generic sheets” .. I think they are absurd.. a ripoff.. a waste of money, awful, an infringement of the code of philately – surely there is one :-) , and above all totally inappropriate and unrelated to the event they are supposedly issued for.

Have a great weekend.. enjoy the stamps I am sending you.. I have spent a few hours today packing prizes and stamps in response to emails from my children’s corner on

Best wishes and I look forward to your comments.. really constructive ones win a FDC or some sort………. Michael


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