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Saturday, February 18, 2012

Hello, have I told you about my Security Machin Display? If not then perhaps you might enjoy looking at Security Machins

This is a Frame (16 pages) I submitted to the Great Britain Philatelic Society January Exhibition.

I certainly enjoyed the research and in fact am continuing with it, and looking forward to seeing new issues in 2012. If you collect Machins and would like to add this material to your collection please have a look at cddstamps home page where I have a special offer of one of each of these Security Machin - issued to the end of 2011. (a few very difficult one are excluded but the selection is largely complete and, if you write to me I will send you a complete listing of what is included in my special offer and when I send to you each stamp will be clearly identified for you.

Have a great weekend, Best wishes.. Michael


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