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Saturday, January 28, 2012

Hello, did anyone remember the significance of the date late weekend. I didn't I must admit. 21.1.12 I guess that is one way to write it. yes reads the same backwards. A numeric palindrome it is called. Another of lifes amusements for some :-) word palindromes are more fun, then I got to thinking, are their any philatelic palindromes? Nothing came to mind and all I can find from a quick search is some references to the data 11.11.11 I know one dealer who used to produce covers but that is as much as I know right now. Of course I did my own posting to get the franking 11.11.11 but sadly forget 21.1.12.

But talking numbers, how about my latest BIDSTART auctions.. I have just listed 147 lots (mostly Great Britain up to 2011 will be available but also some world mixes and thematics) and most lots start at US $0.95 and postage is FREE. The opening bid pays my postage so if you win at the opening bid you do well and I at least cover my costs. Have a look over next few days as I am looking to list even more. Lots of single stamps so you only buy what you need to complete your collection. As usual with my listings all material is VFU / FU or MNH unless started otherwise. I do not list damaged stamps and call them used!!!!!!!!!!! You can find me by searching user name michaelatcddstamps

And please remember I am a Director and Member of the Internet Philatelic Dealers Association and I abide by their rules of conduct for fair and safe trading.


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