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Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Sinagpore - Melbourne A380 FFC

Hello everyone, I am back from my one night / day in Singapore. Great place even for a day. Busy geting covers franked of course but had some free time. You don't want to know!! :-)
Here is one of the covers. I carried mine, some for Tony at Buckingham Covers and a few beautiful cards for a UK specialist collector. If you ever see anything being represented as a FFC from this flight other than from these guys please write me :-)

Oh and a picture at the end .. someone has to do these things you know!!!

oh.. yes.. and I'll have the covers on the web site A380 Covers Catalogue in next few days.. and will be emailing all those who pre ordered. I have a couple spare for sale - I only made 24 - and I have to pay for my airfares and hotel yet :-)

Best wishes ................ Michael


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