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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Poles and Glaciers .... and more

Hello, well this will make someone happy :-) I was talking on the email to one of my readers last night. They are collecting the world issues of the Poles and Glacier issues. This obviously from Australia. A rather pleasant MS. I showed the stamps some weeks back if I recall correctly. I hadn't seen the MS but by request I managed to find a copy today. So before I mail it I thought I would show to you all.

Interesting how stamp designs have changed when you look at the stamps I have shown over previous evenings. I prefer the "old" designs I think.

Call me old fashioned, but many of the current day commemoratives just leave one gasping. To make my point, have a look at this. Received on some mail today. Ghastly. I don't know who should be chastised first, the designer, or the Post Office for allowing such juvenile artistry to be placed on a stamp :-)

Of course one could be even more cynical I suppose, not that I would, would I :-)

This, one of 5 stamps to commemorate inventive Australia (in the back yard!!!) ... yes seriously.. you think they would have kept quiet on the subject. I won't dare tell you the other inventions commemorated in this issue.... OK, I will if you insist.. the roller garage door and a Ute, the Victa rotary lawn mower (high tech Australia :-), the esky and a wine cask, that is, as in wine in a platic bag in a cardboard box... the mind boggles at the inventiveness, speedos (swimming trunks) and zinc cream (Merv, Shane and the boys, what would you have done without it) . Brilliant stuff, but for stamps .. I think not..

but whatever, enjoy your stamps :-) .. Michael


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