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Sunday, May 10, 2009

the importance of quality

Hello, last night I showed you a lovely copy of a QV issue from the Bahamas. Tonight a not so lovely copy from the Straits Settlement. Which is a pity because a copy of this stamp in fine condition used is catalogued by SG at £65. So how disappointed am I to find this. Still it is a lovely stamp, if we also forget the cut perfs and the fact it is a perfin.

If this is a new term to you. A perfin (a contraction of 'PERForated INitials'), also called SPIFS (a contraction of 'Stamps Perforated by Initials of Firms and Societies'), is a pattern of tiny holes punched through a postage stamp. You can see these holes in this stamp. Organizations used perforating machines to make perforations forming letters or designs in postage stamps they purchased, often in bulk, with the purpose of discouraging pilferage. Great Britain was the first country to use perfins in 1868.

A number of countries perforated stamps as a means to denote official mail although the initials on this stamp suggest a company use.

Of course the telling point is this, many people consider these damaged stamps, including me. However they are collectable and whether this one has value to anyone is open to question because of the cut perfs along the top margin. The perfin I hear you ask.. well this is a scan of the reverse of the stamp.. you can see the letters HSB Anyone know what this could represent? A company initials?

Oh well, It will make a space filler, if nothing else and hopefully is a good example to show you cut perfs and Perfins.

But sad about those cut perforation ............ Enjoy your stamps ......Michael


At 7:34 AM, Anonymous Charlie said...

They are not only collectable, to some people they are hotly sought after.
In the Deegam Handbook of Machin Stamps, Doug devotes an entire section to illustrating the hundreds of Perfin variations that have been used in the UK on Machin definitives.
For several years I sent all the perfins I found on any countries stamps to a collector in Rotterdam and he sent me Dutch and other European items in trade. Sadly his album was closed a few years ago.

At 8:44 AM, Blogger Pablo (yo) said...

Being a British stamp of South East Asia, I would bet on the "Hong Kong and Shangai Bank"; currewntly known as HSBC.

Just a feeling.

At 4:49 PM, Blogger cddstamps said...

Thanks for feedback.

HSBC sounds like a good answer



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