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Sunday, October 07, 2007

a rather nice miniature sheet

well if you are interested in rugby,, and support England.. and know that England won the 2003 World Cup here in Sydney when they beat Australia ( a game at which I was fortunate enough to be at even though I know zilch about the game)
and................ wait for it.......... England beat Australia again last night.. in the quarter finals of the 2007 world cup.. yes I was as surprised as you are... I sadly have to admit.. but the news gets better.. New Zealand - had to be THE team... lost to France in one of the other quarter finals .. so England play France in the semi finals... England have to have a chance for the Finals...again.. please don't let me down.. even as I say.. I really don't follow the sport..just another stamp issue is all I am after... ha ha ha ha .. oh dear do I have French readers.. oops sorry.. but hey sport is sport... and while I might support Australia at what I cannot think of right now.. I have the homesick longing to see England win, be it at cricket (some chance) soccer..(maybe less chance), field hockey (little chance) , ice hockey (no chance).. you get the idea.... :-)
Anyway.. let's look forward to whatever new stamp issues come about from this sporting extravaganza..
........... oh,, and yes Liberace was never shown on a US stamp.. given that many of the 400 who have been featured are probably unknown to most of us I think that is sad.. A very talented guy in my view.. lets admire people for their talents,.. not who or what they are.
Enjoy your stamps .. and the knowledge that stamps can bring to us all.. Michael


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